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Electric Brake Controllers

Australia’s national towing regulations require all trailers over 750kgs GTM to have an effective brake system fitted.

Electric Brake Controllers greatly improve safety in trailer rigs, semi-trailers, boat trailer, camper-trailer and caravans as it improves the communication between the towing vehicle and trailer/caravan.

Controllers activate the trailer brakes automatically when a vehicle’s brakes are applied. It is effective in making sure a vehicle and its trailer stop smoothly when braking – so there’s no swaying and the driver stays in full control.

Most electric brake controllers allow a manual-override so the trailer brakes can be applied separately from the vehicle’s brakes.

The two main type of electric brake controllers are Motion Sensing Controller and Time Delay Activated Controller.  Although the methods are different, both let the driver adjust braking power, allow manual override through a pressure sensitive trigger, and have the same wiring configuration.

Electric Brake Controller Service

Servicing an electric brake controller is a highly specialised area, and if not done right the first time, can cause you many ongoing problems and associated costs.

The benefit of having an auto electrician support your electric brake controller is our expertise in electrics. You can expect:

  • Improved vehicle safety
  • All work guaranteed
  • Better braking experience: immediate, stable, and balanced
  • Easier maintenance
  • Auto electricians with electric brake controller training and experience.

We also stock Anderson Plugs and Power Sockets and can wire it up if you need.